GBA Dev In Linux
When I started writing for the gba (mid june 2003), I had difficulty getting started in my operating system of choice Linux. Most of the sites/docs I went to said people where using GCC ported to windows, which I found pretty strange, since GCC works best in a unix environment (in the past I have used DJGPP for dos dev and cygwin gcc for palm dev (but that was before I was converted to GNU/Linux)), and being a normal linux zealot, I had to have a gcc for linux for gba. So after much digging around here is my collection of linux gba tools and some instructions on how to get GCC compiled yourself in linux. Please mail me any ideas/tools/senders/etc... that you have for Linux, to make this collection bigger/better.

Build ToolsLinksAuthorNote
GCC for GBA for Linux GCC for GBA for Linux Zero GCC 3.0.4 Binutils 2.11.2 Newlib 1.11.0
Remixed from lots of other Authors.
GCC 3.3 Binutils 2.14 progress Zero Help?

Send ToolsLinksSizeAuthorNote
MBV2 Cable mblinux.tar.gz
Mirror: mblinx.tar.gz
21.3K Jeff Frohwein I mainly use this to test my code.
Flash Advance/Flash Advance Extreme (Visoly)
41.9K Jeff Frohwein I use this all the time.
Flash 2 Advance USB if2a-0.2a.tar.gz
42.9k David Gauchard This is based on an older f2a usb linker for linux (see next entry).
I haven't tested it (no hardware), but have been thinking about getting an f2a
since they seem to work in linux. It has been reported to work properly.
Flash 2 Advance USB - Older f2a-0.1.tar.gz
28.8K Ulrich Hecht It has been reported to work
The one above it is newer (and based on this one)
Also hear it is being ported to Mac OS X (still better than win9x/xp!)

Other ToolsLinksAuthorNote
GmBaAp tile/map editor
kxu GTK+ 2 gba tile/map editor, appears to be written in python
french and English
Most importantly it is GPL
Tile Max Tile Max Site
Sean Reid It's Java and the author of it tested in linux!
More tools really should be written in Java
(linux, Mac OSes, any other other decent os and windows all have java interpreters)
Some of it's pluggins seem to be windows reliant (run external .exe's)
Gameboy Advance Map Editor (?)
Stween GTK+ 2 gba tile/map editor, written in c
Most importantly it is GPL

Other Peoples CodeLinksSizeAuthorNote
11.2K Jeff Frohwein does anyone not use this?
(for gcc at least)
The new devkitadv doesn't use this!

The Programs (with source)
from my learning
Demos Zero PSEUDO Tutorial
alot slower/smaller steps than dovoto's
(but that is what I read (along with cowbite) to make them)
The Pern Project Tutorials Example Source
Ports Dovoto (ported: Zero) All the ones for gcc that I found
Works with the compiler we talk about here
Belogic Sound Exmaple Source
Ports Uze (ported: Zero) All of them!
Works with the compiler we talk about here

Linux Distributions (that I recommend)LinksNote
Redhat Linux Redhat Download Mirrors I use rh9 currently.
Start here if you are new to linux
Debian GNU/Linux Debian CD Downloads Pure GNU/Linux at it's best
I used to use Debian, but redhat is just easier...

Links To Other Good SitesNote
The best collection of gba dev information around. forums (many people have the same problems you do,
and they have them resolved (most of the time) here).
Cowbite Spec
extremely helpfull
The Audio Advance
Belogic's GBA Sound Tutorials.
Jeff Frohwein's Site

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